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SBS 2008 Premium lost network settings

I am actually looking for pre-service advice on SBS 2008 issue.

At my customer today I needed to remove LTO-3 Ultrium tape drive, and Adaptec SCSI adapter PCI card, because they do not use it.
For the job to be done, I naturally needed to shut down and afterwards power up the server, but when machine came up again, practically none of essential domain services worked!
DNS, DHCP, AD services etc, everything was down, all RED in Event Viewer.

Very soon I found the basic problem - Network adapter switched from predefined Static internal IP to Automatic settings, and of course - SBS did not get IP, and all TCP/IP related services seized down.

I only had time at the customer for a short service, so I setup back proper Static IP, subnet, gateway and DNS servers (DNS1 -> itself, DNS2 -> router), and restarted machine.
After reboot, SBS machine did not want to came up with Logon screen, but rather hang up on "Applying Computer Settings..." screen for more than 1 hour.

I did nothing, because I had to go, so I am asking here for advice:
What else should go wrong, or what to do tomorrow early in the morning, when I'll nedd to repair the stuff?

Let me just mention that (moron of) SBS server 2008 reset TCP/IP settings of NIC adapter by itself, claiming that those Static IP settings belong to an old NIC adapter, which was present almost 6 months ago, and is not inside for a long time.
Andrej Pirman
Andrej Pirman
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Andrej PirmanAuthor Commented:
After 4 hours, SBS finally came up and I am also able to connect remotelly, which is great news.

I am thinking about rpoblems with NIC adapter and wondering, if adding another static IP to existing NIC adapter would have caused NIC adapter (remember, it's SBS 2008!) to lose settings?
Originally this SBS 2008 box had 1 static IP defined on single NIC adapter (SBS 2008 allows only 1 NIC!). Then I added iSCSI storage yesterday, and put it onto separate subnet.

So, until yesterday:
- Gateway:

Yesterday's changes:
- Gateway:

Might this added IP be guilty for NIC adapter to reset TCP/IP settings?
Andrej PirmanAuthor Commented:
I found out the cause of problem myself.

Yes, SBS 2008 is problematic with more than 1 NIC or with more than 1 IP!
Microsoft says, that if more than 1 NIC is assigned, SBS will automatically put all but 1 NIC into "disabled" state after a reboot or after running Internet Connection Wizard.
Also, Microsoft says, that Internet Connection Wizard or Connection Repair will clear TCP/IP settings in case, when more than 1 IP is set.

My assumption is that all these resets to default also happen when you reboot machine, so it is practically not possible to setup more than 1 single IP to SBS 2008 box.

Also, my oppinion is that Microsoft's 2008 series of products (SBS, Vista, Server...) are all failed, like Windows ME. Just my 5 cents.

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