Good HTML Slicing tool for quick psd to html


We are looking  for a automized tool which quickly does html slicing (conversion of psd into html web design).

Google led us to 2 tools .. htmlbutcher and sitegrinder.

Can experts guide us on this....... which is one is good (if not above of the two ..any other tool).
Thanks in advance
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sitegrinder review

I would download the demos of each and evaluate them.
Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
You also might investigate Adobe Fireworks.  They've improved their slicing no only export images, but correlated HTML/CSS output as well.  Fireworks comes with the Creative Suite web packages, so if you're due for a Photoshop upgrade, you could probably get it at the same time relatively inexpensively.
You can slice to HTML in both Photoshop and Fireworks. But you will find that Sitegrinder is a lot cheaper than both of those peices of software:

There is an evaluation period available, and does code XHTML, CSS W3C compliant code.
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Sitegrinder is a photoshop plug-in, not standalone.
proman121Author Commented:
Is Sitgrinder good at converting all sorts of psd's ? I heard its only good at structured columnar designs(2,3 columnar) and its not good at designs where there are lot of curves etc ... is this true ?
You're slicing into squares and rectangles, I'm not sure I get your point.
Adobe image ready is pretty quick if you make the image into 1 slice then have it auto devide it into how every many pieces you want.
I am the HTMLButcher author, I can say for sure that I created this tool because of lots frustration when trying to slice pages in Photoshop. I even made a page explaining this on HTMLButcher's page, maybe to relieve all my stress with it ;)

I sliced about 30 sites with it until now, and I can say it is painless and even fun to do it with HTMLButcher.

Of course I am biased, but try the demo and follow the tutorial, I am eager to anwser any question about it on my email that is on the Contact page.
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