Power off Proliant ML150 G5

Stupid question, but I can't figure out an answer.  I am setting up a Proliant ML 150 with SBS 2003.  Almost done. After the last reboot, the keyboard is unresonsive  (maybe not plugged in all the way?) so I can't C-A-D to log on.  Tried 2 other keyboards  USB and 6-pin, NADA.  Tried holding the power switch for 60 seconds.  Still nothing.  Tried logging on remotely, but not set up yet.
Anything I can do short of disconnecting the power?  
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bart1975Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you could try a remote shutdown using the following command
shutdown /t 30 /f /m \\computername from another workstation

Does the ML150 have ILO remote management installed and configured?

If it was me i would just pull the plug, although holding the power button for 10 or more seconds should power it off.
NinEliAbeAuthor Commented:
Don't have ILO.  Pulled plug, seems to have survived.
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