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postgres ERROR: extra data after last expected column

I am attempting to import some csv files into existing tables in my Postgresql database.
Instead of easily copying the data into my tables I seem to be doing something wrong.
Each of the tables in the database have identical columns matching the headers of each of the csv files however the tables have extra columns which are not represented in these files.

The csv files resemble this:

the tables resemble this:
"thing1" varchar;
"thing2" varchar;
"thing3" varchar;
"thing4" varchar;
"thing5" varchar;

ERROR:  extra data after last expected column
CONTEXT:  COPY mytable, line 2: ""

Obviously I just want to import the values in the csv file into the tables leaving the columns that I can't fill null or blank.

What am I doing wrong?
COPY "mytable" ("thing2","thing3") FROM "myfile.csv" WITH DELIMITER ',' CSV QUOTE AS '"' NULL AS ' ' CSV HEADER;

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1 Solution
earth man2Commented:
devdb=# COPY csvimport(thing2,thing3,thing4) FROM '/home/postgres/csvimport.cvs' CSV HEADER FORCE NOT NULL thing2,thing3,thing4;
devdb=# select * from csvimport;
 thing1 | thing2  | thing3  | thing4 | thing5
        | baskets | lunches |        |
        | fish    |         | cakes  |
(2 rows)

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