Active Sync Errors

I get a lot of Active Sync errors in my Event Logs (Event ID= 3033). According to Microsoft KB905013
"To resolve this issue, modify the firewall time-out values for HTTP(S) connections to the Exchange server to be greater than the default time-out limit of eight minutes."
I have a Pix 515. When I look at my config I don't see anything resembling that. Can someone suggest what I should I be looking for or what command I can use to configure it. I get complaints from Blackberry uses trying to sync to Exchange. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

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Blackberry doesn't use ActiveSync, so if you are getting complaints from Blackberry users then it is something else.

I have ActiveSync going through PIX on two or three sites, including at home and have not had to make any changes for it to work.

Ensure that you are on the latest firmware for the PIX, and latest network card driver in the server.

InSearchOfAuthor Commented:
I see. Thanks for the info.
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