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DatePart("ww", "03/22/2009") Returns it as Week #13 when it should be #12?

Why does
DatePart("ww", "03/22/2009")
Return it as Week #13 when it should be #12?
The first day of the week is defaulted to Sunday...which should still return 12, not 13.

Does anyone have any ideas on why.
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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Hello 16spam16,

The optional 4th argument in DatePart determines how to define the first "week" of the year.  Using this in
the Immediate window gets 12:

?DatePart("ww", "03/22/2009", vbSunday, vbFirstFullWeek)


16spam16Author Commented:
Now that did work, but then i changed it and tried this day. and it was wrong...

DatePart("ww", "03/16/2008", vbSunday, vbFirstFullWeek)

returns 11, when it should return 12.

I changed it to

DatePart("ww", "03/16/2008", vbSunday, vbFirstFourDays) returned 12
DatePart("ww", "03/22/2008", vbSunday, vbFirstFourDays) returned 12

Is that correct? the answers are correct.

What I am doing is selecting the week via the VB6 Calendar control with my weeks starting on Sunday.
Then I use DatePart to get the week number when i do my processing. It is funny on I get different week numbers.

What are your thoughts?
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
From the VBA help (works the same way in VB6), these are the values you can use:

Constant      Value      Description
vbUseSystem      0      Use the NLS API setting.
vbFirstJan1       1      Start with week in which January 1 occurs (default).
vbFirstFourDays      2      Start with the first week that has at least four days in the new year.
vbFirstFullWeek      3      Start with first full week of the year.

See which definition matches best to your expectations.

16spam16 said:
>>What are your thoughts?

My thought is that week numbers are usually a waste of time, because everyone has a different idea of how to
define them :)

Seriously, if none of these definitions meet your needs, then you will need to use a calendar table or something
to explicitly define your week numbers.
16spam16Author Commented:
I have looked through the VBA help and i couldnt find anything that says how the "MonthView" control figures out week numbers. I think if i knew that id know what to pick.

I have run a few more dates and it seems as though

DatePart("ww", mydate, vbSunday, vbFirstFourDays)

seems to have done the trick. atleast it appears to anyways.

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