Forwarding multiple emails in Lotus Notes.. all comes as one message

I want to forward 50 emails to an outside email account. When I select them all and select forward they all go into one document. I want 50 separate emails to go to the same email address...
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Hold Shift an click these emails you  want to forward.
Right Click and choose Forward.
That's all
MontereyAuthor Commented:
I don't want them all in one email, that makes one email message with ALL the emails embedded in it

Sadly this is a weak spot for Notes and as far as I'm aware, isn't possible through the normal Notes interface. You could write some Lotus Script to do it though. A pain yes, and you'd probably be quicker individually forwarding each email, but, I think it would be possible, using the following method:

write an agent, or action, which can be run from the inbox view (or wherever your selected emails will be).

Content would be:

1. Use the UnprocessedDocuments property of the mailfile db to get a notesdocumentcollection. Loop through each of these documents, doing the following with each:
2. Create a new notesdocument, setting the following:
- form = "memo"
- subject = "FWD: " + currentdocument.subject
- from = username of person who email should come from (ie session.commonusername)
- body (you'll need to create a new NotesRichText item for this, by copying the body item from the currentdoc)

You could either send each doc, or, before looping to the next, set it as a uidoc using notesuiworkspace.editdocument method

That's it, or at least the concept, but as I say, there's no good or easy way of doing this
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MontereyAuthor Commented:
The Simple formula Send Document works by sending each as a separate email, but I would 1st need to change the "send to". In my case the send to will be one person. I have 100 that need to be sent to an outside email as separate emails. the Send doc. resends them to who ever they came from, and that is not what I want to do.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Did you follow the link I posted? See scenario 2. Membership of techtarget is free, and the number of emails they send is passable.
MontereyAuthor Commented:
I did,  I just created a agent and copied the code. I get an error...and don't know scripting enough to deug it. You can see the error here. And I don't need to prompt for the to:
They all need to go to the same person
You need to declare the newRT. Ie Dim NewRT as notesrichtextitem
MontereyAuthor Commented:
I did that, didn't get an error. I went to a folder with 2 items, selected them and ran the agent. I then get an error "Variant does not contain and object"
Enable the LotusScript debugger and run the agent, when it hits the error it'll show you where the error is
Sorry, re-read the code, I can see what you've done wrong.

Line 9 in the code, where you "Set Docs = db.unprocesseddocuments", should be "Set Docs = MAILDB.UnprocessedDocuments", the error you've been getting will be raised when the code hits the "db" variant.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Why didn't you split the points? Did you want to close the question only?

Please read the EE-guidelines on how to close a question and award points.
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