Need Current Laser Printer w/Legacy Font Support

I've a customer with an old Foxpro database that functions as follows:

Foxpro Generates a Form and sends it to the LPT Port.
Foxpro then Sends Fonts to the printer's memory.
Foxpro then sends the text w/font data to the Printer.

Effect on currect printers is that the first and last part of this process works... but the fonts to not upload to the printer correctly. So when printerd... everything is there but the text will not line up correctly with the form becuase it's using a default font.

The last printer this is -known- to have worked with is a HP Laser Jet 6P. Is there a printer currently available that will work this way? Which one?
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I don't know the answer to your question ("which printer(s)?"), just a few comments:

(a) Very few modern printers come with parallel-port connections these days, so you must be prepared to send the print stream to a USB or network-connected device instead.

If your DB runs within a command-prompt (DOS) session under Windows, you should be able to achieve this by utilising the 'net use' command.

(b) PCL5 soft fonts come in a variety of formats:
Format 0 - Bitmap
Format 20 - Resolution-specified bitmap
Format 10 - Intellifont bound scalable
Format 11 - Intellifont unbound scalable
Format 15 - TrueType scalable
Format 16 - Universal (bitmap or TT scalable)

Not all printers support all formats; it may be the case (I don't know) that the older format 0 bitmap fonts, and perhaps the Intellifont formats, are no longer supported on modern devices.

(c) Is the soft font and the text concatenated, and sent to the printer in one connection, or sent separately?

If sent separately, printers will treat the two streams as separate jobs (this has always been the case).

But I have seen references to some of the modern, cheaper, PCL5 printers discarding downloaded soft fonts at 'job' end, so that they are not available for subsequent jobs, despite being marked as 'permanent' ('permanent' in this context usually implying until power-off of the device, or replacement by another soft font with the same ID).

(d) I'd hazard a guess that most of the 'departmental' level laser printers (e.g. LJ4250 and its replacement model) WILL support the same set of downloaded soft font types as the LJ 6P - but I don't know this for certain.
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