FB3 plugin vs. stand-alone

I'm new to Flex and wanted to get opinions on which is better to use, the ide plugin for myeclipse or the standalone FB3?
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Flexbuilder is a little lighter and it dosnt have all the extra java bits that come by default with eclipse.  Personally I use FB but in Linux I am using Eclipse with the plugin.  If you don't already have eclipse installed I would recommend Flexbuilder standalone.
It depends on what language you are using to code on the server-side and if you plan on using Eclipse as the IDE for that as well. If you are using Java, it's a no-brainer - go with the plugin - and if you are using PHP, I actually think the PDT2.0 is coming along nicely as a PHP IDE and so the best way to get a Flex/PHP dev environment up and running is to first install the PDT all-in-one Eclipse installation and then install the Flex plugin into that.
I go with the FB3 standalone and Eclipse or Netbeans for Java, PHP development. I like to keep things separate. :-)
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