Convert Visual BASIC v6 application into Right to Left mode (Hebrew)


I have a Visual BASIC v6 application written in English with many forms, objects, captions and message box.

How can I "flip" the forms to be from right to left without changing all the design?

Thank you,
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Ok, try this. The following code will make the object in the variables go to the opposite side:

Private Sub Label1_Click()
   Call flip(Me.Label1)
End Sub
Function flip(ByVal Obj As Object)
   Dim distance As Integer
   distance = Me.Width - (Obj.Left + Obj.Width)
   Obj.Left = distance
End Function

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there is a property for almost all controls called righttoleft
eladrozAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply.

Right to Left is good but not enough... let's say that I have a save button on the bottom right  corner of a form and I want that when it's running as RTL,  this button will be on the bottom left corner of the form - RightToLeft will not help me in this case.

Think that I just want to "flip" the form with all it's objects (like: labels, buttons, lists, trees, etc.) in 180 degrees.

I hope that I explained myself better.

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So your hoping that there is an automatic function that will flip the form objects? er... lemme try and figure something out.
Oh and also the object can be click a second time and return to the original position which is a bonus.
Did you get it working?
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