WMI connection failing with error

Using Powershell, I am trying to run a command on a remote server.  I am finding our Hardware NetScreen firewall dropping traffic on port 2744.  The firewall is configured to allow 445 and 135 traffic, but I am not sure why it needs this other port or what it is even.  Is this an RPC random assigned port?  Am I going to have to go to every server in our domain and force the rpc port :(
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loftywormAuthor Commented:
No I don't.  I bet it is that stupid RPC random port. man this is going to piss me off.
Sander StadSysteemontwikkelaar, Database AdministratorCommented:
Is seems to be used for translation software for asian languages named Honyaku. Do you use this kind of software?
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