Serial Printer Buffer Device

I am looking for recommendations on a device that I can use to capture raw print data currently being sent to an Epson dot-matrix printer from a Fire Alarm Control panel. (DB25)

I have used devices in the past that are a sort of 'buffer box' that will capture the raw print data, then either SMTP the data to an email account or just send it to a share on a server. I am not seeing much out there these days... anyone have any ideas? This old printer has got to go.
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hatheharikenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i can see two options:

1) create a null modem connection to a computer and capture and process the data on the computer itself. basically the data should be plain ascii

2) use a capture device, something like this:
and then transfer the data to a computer and then process and print.

if printout is a realtime requirement for this setup, i would recommend option 1.

this particular would be well worth looking into:

glad your issue got resolved!

so what did you do?

MHPITAuthor Commented:
I have not done either of them yet, I may end up using the comcap software. I am still hunting a bit more of an automated device as I hate to rely on a PC to be up and running to capture that data. Surely there must be some capture device out there that will send it to a share on a server without any user intervention...?

The question was getting stale and since you provided the most viable options I gave you the points... Thanks!
the points were most welcome, but we like to help people.....

you can simply build an embedded system, from the Intel Atom system, with a small (about 10-20 gb) SSD drive, and about 256 mb RAM and ruiing Windows 2000 SP 4. till date, that is the most stable version of windows i have ever seen.

you can simply automate the process, and forget all about it.

if you would like more help, on how to setup your automated data capture system, do let me know.

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