Adding a 2008 server to a 2003 domain

I am trying to Install a new 2008 server in an existing 2003 domain. I want to remove the 2003 server and make the 2008 domain controller primary. I expanded the 2003 schema using the adprep util on the 2008 os CD. After that under AD sites and services on the old DC the new DC does not show up. I am getting DNS errors and after manualy entering the new DC under sites a serviced on the old server I am getting errors in my AD log saying Forced functional level is not high enough to complete addition of application directory partitions. Can someone let me know what AD is doing?
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Darius GhassemCommented:
Make sure your forest level is at least 2000 but if you don't have any 2000 DCs then make it 2003.
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