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Lets say a Head Hunter asks you for your project involvement within a website what would be the best way to describe or list your involvement with project X
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Jason ThompsonConnect With a Mentor Senior UX DesignerCommented:
Do you mean how you present your a flow chart vs. a list of bullet points?  Or are you looking for some examples of wording for how to describe what you've done?

You might first ask how much detail they're looking for, but I would guess you wouldn't need to go into much detail with a recruiter, at least verbally.  They're typically not going to have the technical knowledge to get into the finer details anyway.  They'll usually match the requirements with your abilities, so if the job requirements list PHP, they'll make sure you know PHP, etc, and then pass you over to the hiring manager.

However, they may forward anything you type up, so you might need a bit more detail if this is a written list.

Using PHP as an example, you could say something like:

I wrote the PHP scripting to link the front-end design to a MSSQL database.  The project required X, Y and Z, which I completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

You're looking to talk up as many positive points as possible without dodging the question.  If they have any further questions, they'll ask.

I hope this helps.
stargateatlantisAuthor Commented:
Some examples of wording for what i have done.  Bullet points what technologies were used
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