Cant map drives on a server

OK lets see if I can get this all in one try. we have a med. size network file serves print server etc. we have several shares and mapped drives. One user can map to shares on all servers but one. i get the path cannot be found or you dont have permission to access this error. i can ping the server but typing in the unc path and browsing will not work. i have unjoined and rejoined the domain, changed the computer name and logged on as a different user ( me - domain admin)
i have checked the share permissions and file security all are good. i have turn off the firewall stopped trend micro, when i type in just the server \\server  i get the network path was not found. 100 other users at this location can find the path just not this one?
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try \\ip.of.the.server
make sure your permission on server side capable to client side, try to  ping server ip, and type this in your address bar \\ip_of_your_server  then type your server administrator user with password..

hope it helps.. ^_^
Only 1 user cannot access this server right?
I suppose the users are arranged by group? Does he belong to the group that has been granted access?
optikconnexAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the help, here is what is happening today. I did the \\ip and that worked :) so i tried some more servers, one more worked using \\servername, but now the others arent, but they do using the \\ip.
so i can get to it and map it by using \\server ip\shared folder. But WHY cant I use the server name?
This is what i really want to know. Anyone have any ideas on this?
If you do (in command prompt) ipconfig /all the nameserver of all machines are the same? If not check your dhcp or machine estatic dns entry.
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