Testing Dial back up interface on Cisco router

We have 106 routers scattered around Canada and USA, Model of the router is Cisco VPN 17xx Series. The ethernet interface act as an WAN interface which connects directly to ISP DSL modem. In case of DSL outage we have an alternate interface ( dialer interface) which uses build in modem to keep the WAN connectivity intact. In very simple term when DSL is down, dial back up thorouh PSTN line works as an WAN connection. Now the problem is that we would like to test these dialer (dial back up ) interface to make sure when DSL is down they are operational mean they are able to use the modem to dial out. In order to do that we need to ping the dialer interface to check if they are funtional even though dial back wont be use for months since DSL is funtional.
What's the most convenient way to test these interfaces basically all i want to do is to ping those interface one by one and get the result back if ping is succesfull or not.
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bkepfordConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem is that once you start pinging the interface you will get a failed ping for the first couple as the router takes a second to execute the dial up. One way to do it would be to kick off a batch file that pings the interface wait a couple of seconds and then kick off another ping this time dropping the results into a text file. Parse the file looking for the words "no response" sending an email if it sees it. Now this all depends on your ability to write command line code. I believe their are applications that can do this for you. If I remember I had "What's up gold" setup to test ISDN backup lines.  

Like as in an automated test?
liquidationworldAuthor Commented:
liquidationworldAuthor Commented:
I am implementing WUG very soon to replace OpenView, i guess that would solve my problem

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