Wyse V90 mobile thin client resetting to defaults

We have recently purchased several new Wyse V90 mobile thin clients.  We are noticing that the desktop changes we make to the units revert back to factory defaults and our icons disappear after several reboots.  We make the changes with the File Based Write Control lock turned off but they will reset regardless of whether the lock is in place or not.

Thanks for your help
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CCHCConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We recently received the answer from Wyse on what was happening.  It turned out that there is also a service named "Client Cleanup" which runs NetXClean.exe which has a a NetXClean.ini.  We opened up the .ini file and inside was all of the configs for the .exe to tell it what profiles to clean (or leave alone) etc.  What we did was just disable the service and we haven't had an issue with them yet.
sryckmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We use the v90's in house and at several customer sites and as long as the write filter is disabled, any changes we have made have always stuck.   As the storage on these is NVRAM, I would suspect a flakey chip or the devices may be taking a power surge possibly.  Are the units exhibiting this behavior on UPS's?   The other possibility might be that the unit is overheating.   As it has no fans you have to make sure they have airspace around the sides, I believe Wyse recommends two inches on both sides for proper ventilation.   I have seen sites with them velcro'd against the privacy panel of a desk with no airflow and show strange behavior.
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