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PHP fgets trimming white space between elements.

I have a text file I am processing line by line using fgets.

The text file has lines that appear in a text editor vi, notepad, etc. with several spaces between elements.

If I read the line using fgets the spaces get trimmed or condensed or something I'm not sure.

For instance I have a line from a text file:

5312 TERRY AVE. STE. R                 2250 GREYHILL ROAD

If I read it with fgets:   $line= fgets($fh);
and then var_dump($line);
it displays as


What's more interesting, I am using substr to get the elements I need.

$address1 = substr($line,0,30);
$address2 = substr($line, 40,30);

Now if I echo $address1 I get
5312 TERRY AVE. STE. R 2250 GR

Which is wrong because it is including the first couple letters of address 2

And if I echo address 2 I get

I'm not sure why fgets is condensing the white space. Plus it doesn't make sense how address2 starts at the correct location column 40 while address 1 should be columns 0-29 but includes what is apparently column 40,41,42

I hope that makes sense, anyhow any help is much appreciated.
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1 Solution
You could try stripping it before reading it.
$line= fgets($fh);
$line = php_strip_whitespace($line);
or maybe...
$line = preg_replace('/\s\s+/', ' ', $line);

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neo_ElderAuthor Commented:
But I need to preserve the white space between the addresses when reading the file.
Your var_dump is probably not accurate. If it is displayed as HTML it wouldn't matter how many spaces you have... it would condense it.

try this.
echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";

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neo_ElderAuthor Commented:
You are correct.

Any thoughts on why substr would not be ignoring the white space?
Yeah that is very strange. When I try to re-create it everything works like it should. Are you sure those are actually spaces?

I wonder what the ASCII value of one of those white space characters is?

$line = "5312 TERRY AVE. STE. R                 2250 GREYHILL ROAD";
echo substr($line, 0, 30) ."<br/><br/>";
// This should be '32' for a regular space
echo ord(substr($line, 30, 1));

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neo_ElderAuthor Commented:
It's time to go home, I just realized my mistake. Thanks for your help.....

My mistake was that address 1 actually starts on column 5 and address two starts on column 40, and I wasn't subtracting 5 from the length of address 1 therefor substr is doing what I told it to and is grabbing columns 40,41,42,..... etc.  AMAZING I change the length to 35 and it does what it's suppose to!!

UGH apparently 10 hours in front of the keyboard is too much.   Thanks for your help!
LOL I know the feeling. Go home! Also, go outside, the graphics are amazing! :P
neo_ElderAuthor Commented:
I know! The Sun is out! It's like HDTV, in fact it's even better then 1080P!!


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