How do I Delete SnapShots files in Hyper-V? Windows Server 2008

I tried to Delete the Snapshots of a virtual machine in Hyper-V.  The Hyper-V Manager now displays "The selected virtual machine has no snapshots", but when the machine is turned off, the "Merge in Progress (x%)" is displayed.  My problem is that it gets up to 7% then starts all over again.  I have looked at the Snapshot File Location, in the Hyper-V Manager Settings for the virtual Machine and that 300gig drive is full!  Hence why the "Merge in Progress" continues to restart.  This drive also is where the Virtual Machine is also stored.    

Can I delete any files to allow the Merge to continue and possible finish, or can I delete the snapshot files and still be able to start and use my Virtual Machine?  

One of the .avhd files is 114 gigs.

Thanks Much!
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Vince GlissonOwnerCommented:
This article explains in depth the different processes and consequences of deleting snapshots..
TomProAuthor Commented:
I had found this same article myself, prior to getting this solution.  I was looking for how to remove the snapshot files from the harddrive, as the Virtual Machine kept going into a paused mode, because the disk was full.  I could not delete the snapshot (suggested solution to free up space) because the disk was full.  I had to totally delete the Virtual machine then rebuild it from scratch.
I am having this same issue and have yet to find a resolution. short of deleting the the VM and rebuild the machine.
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