Convert VMware ESXi to Virtual Iron

We are in the process of switching over to Virtual Iron due to cost and features.  I have 10 ESXi servers and have looked all over for a free way to convert them over.  I tried the vmdktovhd utility posted on a blog and everytime it gives me a "invalid vmdk file" error.  I have uninstalled the VMTools and still no luck.  Please help!  Also is there a free P2V method to convert physical servers?  The license for Virtual Iron only gives 6 conversions.  I need a way to semi-auto or fully automated way to convert for backup and disaster recovery purposes.  Thanks
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I suggest that you take a look at vConverter from Vizioncore -
isaakadminAuthor Commented:
I heard of them as well as platespin and virtuosso.  But they are all very expensive.  Was hoping for a quick and cheap way.  But would that be your recommendation if I bite the bullet and spend the money? Thanks
If it would have been conversoin within a single vendor 's product then I would have suggested VMware vConverter 4.0.
Since you are planning to move from ESXi to VIrutal Iron, I suggest that you go for Vizioncore's Product.
I think vmdk2vhd only supports the vmdk format used by ESX, only the one used by hosted products.

If you export the vmdk files with "vmkfstools -i" (and the 2gbsparse optoin) you will be able to use vmdk2vhd. This will probably be a bit too much if you have many VMs..

Another method would be to do a manual conversion of the VMs by copying the disk content from VM to VM like described here:

The quickest method would however be to use one of the commercial alternatives mentioned in the above postings.

Good luck!


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