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I have setup and enabled everything I know to implement Outlook Anywhere hosted on an Exchange 2003 server, SBS2003.  OWA works if I use http:// rather than https:    Both give certificate errors, however the login screen appears using http: on the address line of IE, upon pressing enter the http auto converts to https:

Everything appears to be good except the Certificate.  I have tested my connection using the following link,


It always fails on certificate.

I have everything set except for the certificate.  I am trying to generate a certificate on the server.

When generating the certificate do I use the FQDN of the server or the name of the MX record that points to my public IP for OWA?  Do I distribute the certifcate to clients first?


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Installing a cert using selfssl http://www.netometer.com/video/tutorials/owassl/
You can also use use a paid cert authority, such as Go Daddy (affordable), as must devices support these certs.
Follow these articles and you should be OK...
 You will use the registered name you use on the Internet not your internal domain...
  • i.e. mail.domain.com

Ideally you need to switch the certificate for a commercial certificate, and not use the self generated certificate. On the test site you can ignore the certificate trust issue if you wish, which may give you a better result.

frdbadfAuthor Commented:
I ended up going to Godaddy.com and purchasing a certifcate.  Smooth sailing thereafter.  OWA, although it worked before no longer generates certificate error.  Outlook Anywhere works as it should now.

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