Terminal Server Console will not log off administrator

For the past week i have been unable to log off the administrator account from the terminal server console via Start > Log Off, when i do it this way nothing changes the server just ignores my request, the only way i can log off the account is via terminal services manager and force log off the account, I have tested the log off with a second admin account and the same thing happens.
Remote logging in and out works fine though.

On Windows Server 2003 R2.
Much appreciated.
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Here are two things you can do:
1. Open task Manager and kill process one by one to identify which one is holding up the respond
2. Kill services one by one to identify which service is acting up

Usually these issues will disappear after reboot. Most of the time, you can do one or both of the options above and would give back your logoff respond. Likely cause are processes or applications that takes up memory usage. They are usually 3rd party agents installed on your windows such as backup agent, anitvirus agent, security related agent, and monitorin agetns etc.
i think there is some problem in the file logonui.exe

plz try to refix it from the installation disk

hope this might work( thinking that ur system dont have any virus or spywares)

Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
try typing

shutdown /l  

in run

sometimes the button might not function, but commandline usually works.

but if it is not working, then it might be something else ....

SWESupportAuthor Commented:
Yeah tried all that.
I managed to reboot the servers using scheduled task over the weekend during a quiet time and it seems to have sorted it self out.
Would be nice to find out what caused it tho.
Thanks for all the options people.
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