Pasting a string in MS Access I get and extra double quote

I'm doing a search query in MS Access such as:
Like "97005*" Or Like "97006*"

So I type the above and pasted it into notepad to remove any
hidden characters.  When I paste it in my query in the criteria
field I get these fricking extra double quotes:

Like ""97005*"" Or Like ""97006*""

Also, if you know an easier way to set up a search like the above
please tell me.  I have about 30 zipcodes I checking for.
I have to use the MS Access non-programming way using
the design tab view.
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Are you saying that when you type the criteria these extra unprintable characters are just appearing - you are not typing them?
If that is so, then i would say there is a problem either with your Access installation or your pc.  Perhaps a simple reboot is the first step.
The problem is that the pasted data is being interpretted as a string without any consideration as to whether or not it has already wrapped things in quotes.  So, Access, in trying to be helpful, is wrapping the string that you pasted into the Criteria field in double quotes for you . . . which is actually being unhelpful. ;-)
You might try pasting the criteria piece-meal:
First past the LIKE "97005*" and then the LIKE "97006*"
However, I am trying to figure out what the problem is in just typing that into the Criteria field instead of cutting and pasting. :-/  If you are typing directly into the Criteria field, how are you getting "hidden characters"?
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