Migrating from AVG 7.5 network edition to 8.5

We are updating all of our clients from 7.5 to 8.5. At one specific location, we are running into major trouble. We installed the 8.5 admin console on the same server that runs avg admin 7.5 (avg specifically said you can do this). We went through and configured all of our settings in the admin console for 8.5. Now we are having issues where the console locks up every few minutes. The only way for us to close out of the console is to end task the program. Then if we try to relaunch the console, it never launches. We end up having to kill the avgadmsrv process and then restart the service. This happens constantly. We did deploy this at another client and aren't experiencing the problem at all. This is a server 2003 box running sp1. Any suggestions would be very appreciated!
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StarfishTechAuthor Commented:
avg admin console was trying to update from itself. It basically was misleading installation instructions that caused the issue.
Does removing the 8.5 version and reinstalling it help?
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