DNS Thesis of sorts

I am looking to do a paper on the DNS system for my high school IB extended essay.  The requirements for the paper are that the topic is well researched, which DNS obviously is, and that it is specific.  The topic, DNS, is not specific enough.  I am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what specific topic I can look into under the general topic of DNS.  
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Mansoor NathaniCommented:
How about the critical infrastructure part of it and what a fundamental part of the Internet or any Network it is  that is ignored by most people.

You can mention the mayhem caused when a part was taken down. There were several DDOS attacks in the recent months that targetted ThePlanet, Register.com, UltraDns even.  All 3 are major DNS providers for multiple sites / users and servers.

Most other internet services depend on DNS to function correctly.



Research on how useless the school study guide is when you practically try to set up a DNS server.
... I am serious.
huntsonAuthor Commented:
How does a DDOS attack occur?
That is a good point - the school study guide never works.
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Mansoor NathaniCommented:
A DDOS attack is a malicious and criminal act that renders computer systems unreachable.

It basically works by flooding the target machine with so much traffic, usually from compromised machines that form a botnet of many thousands of machines.  The traffic overwhelms the services DNS in this instance, causing legitimate users not being able to access the service.

You can read more at:



huntsonAuthor Commented:
I will get back to you on a thesis or two that I think are appropriate after the re-read the guidlines and you can let me know if it is feasable
How about the chronology of a DNS query, (from client to an outside server). You will learn a lot on DNS using that topic, especially how to troubleshoot it.
huntsonAuthor Commented:
Well the whole idea got nixed.  Who do I award points to other than myself?
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