2008 Build Fail on XP

I am using 2008 compiler to Build my C++ & STL application.
I am not using any .net framework any API or my product not required any .net framework support.

When I release application it fails on Windows XP, because it don't found any .net framework.

As per my understanding 2008 implicitly add .net framework dependency in my Build.
Kindly check attached .jpg file.
How can I set 2008 compiler not to add any .net framework dependency in my build ?
So how I can fix this issue? Any help is appreciated.
sandy wareSoftware EngineerAsked:
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SunnyDarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1: What is the compiler output when you try to compile?
2: Make sure that all your .cpp files are compiled with no CLR support (go file by file and check the c/c++=>General )
3: CLR support may also be specified somewhere else in the compiler options (check the actual command line options for absense of the clr switch)
sandy wareSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
1) Compiler output  is DLL & .exe
2) I checked all cpp setting, All .cpp files are compiled with no CLR support.
I am still getting same error.
 Kindly find the attached jpg for more detail

But when I install the .net framework 3.5 it start working.

The error is not related to .NET but to Visual C Runtime VCCRT.
Most likely something is wrong with your manifest. Make sure that the manifest is included and linked into the application.
If the problem is not on your computer but some other computer maybe you need to install the latest VC redistributable on the client computer. Lookup vcredist.exe
sandy wareSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your all help.
But I am still getting same error. I totally clueless about this issue now.
Kindly find manifesto file & dependency walker detail about my application (dhserver).

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