windows 2003 server running blackberry enterprise server loses connectivity to network

Hi, we have a windows 2003 server running blackberry enterprise server. All has been ok and then last night my blackberry stopped receiving emails and could not browse the internet.  I came into work this morning and could not ping the windows 2003 server running bes.  Then went on the actual console and there was no windows fire wall running on, none windows updates that needed to be applied and restart require. So from within the console I decided to ping another server, what worked fine, so to me the server had network connectivity. From my pc I then pinged the bes server and it started to reply! Then all emails came through to my blackberry!  Can someone tell me what is causing this?! Thanks phil
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It's hard to say what could cause the issue. It might be just an ocassional glitch in Windows. Also, check out the power options for NIC. Plus, if the issue reoccures you may create a schedule task to run a ping from BES to your DNS (you said the ping from BES was sufficient to refresh connectivity, right?).

Hope it helps.
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