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I am hoping someone can advise.

I am about to write my 70-290 Managing and maintaining a windows server 2003 environment tommorow. I am now a little nervous as i am all of a sudden feeling that i am not prepared enough.

I know that Microsoft have a clause so no one can relay much info about the test and so ill respect that but is there any tips that anyone can give me that does not conflict with microsoft. I am NOT looking to cheat!

I mainly wanted to know if there is a link to the Microsoft website that will show me the types of questions ill expect to see eg multiple choice, drag and drop and if there is a small simulation one can take to get familiar with the way the questions are asked.

Any help will be great.

Thank you
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JBlondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What may help you a lot is this:
You can register for a free second try if you fail your exam tomorrow.

And as always:
Focus on the questions that you can answer in an instant and skip the questions that are more complicated and will take some time to answer. When you're finished with this first cycle and have seen all questions, go back to the more complicated questions.

mvgeertruyenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a lot to be found on but no sample questions for a specific exam. (I did came across  some sample tests for the newer stuff such was W2k8). What works for me is using the microsoft training kits (MS Press); most have a CD included with test questions. Good luck on your exam!
DCHMIELAuthor Commented:
Thx for the suggestions. I passed with 808 yesterday. Onto the 70-291.

I have registred with the second chance offer which ends end of June 2009 if anyone wants to know.

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