Cisco 3750 ip address-helper with IP phones

Hi, we currently have a network running two windows DHCP server (80/20).
We have two switch stacks in two physical parts of the building.  Is there a way to get the one half of the building to only get DHCP addresses from a specific server.  I need to get the phones on one side of the building to jump onto vlan 123 and the ones on the otherside to jump to vlan 100.  I configured the option 147 to tell the phones what to do but they all go straight to DHCP server 1 and jump to vlan 100.  I need some phones to get a DHCP address from server two so they will jump to vlan 123.  I have tried using the ip address-helper and pointing to server two but it seems to get ignored.  Any ideas
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I saw that it is a 3750. Here are the commands that you need to put in.
config t
vlan 100
name voice1
vlan 123
name voice2
interface vlan 100
ip address x.x.x.x y.y.y.y
no shutdown
ip helper-address dhcp1_ip_address
interface vlan 123
ip address x.x.x.x y.y.y.y
no shutdown
ip helper-address dhcp2_ip_address

int gig 1/0/1
switchport voice vlan 123

int gig 1/0/2
switchport voice vlan 100

Just put which ever ports in the different vlans. With this config all phones in vlan 100 will go to DHCP server 1 and in vlan 123 will go to DHCP2.
What type of phones are you using?
scobnerAuthor Commented:
Avaya IP phones
You need to set the vlan on the switch port. Then put a helper address on the interface vlan. What kind of switch do you have?
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