Convert simple ZFS Pool to RaidZ2


is it possible, to convert a simple ZFS Pool with one Disk to a RaidZ2 Pool with 5 Disks?
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Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software EngineerCommented:
The root pool must exist wholly on a single disk, it cannot be striped, so multiple disk configurations, striping or raid are
all out. However, you can use mirrored volumes. So, if you want redundancy for the root pool, the only way to
get it is by using two disks in a mirrored configuration. So, you could use 3 disks in a raidz for your data and 2 disks in
a mirror for your root pool. That is probably the best you can do with 5 disks.
Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software EngineerCommented:
Unfortunately, there is no way to change the layout of ZFS pools after they are created. The problem is that ZFS does not
have a facility for re-arranging data, and all of the data already in your pool would need to be re-written in a different
layout. The exception to this is the re-silvering of mirrors and adding replacement disks, since this only means writing
data to the new disks, not re-writing what is already there.
LL0rdAuthor Commented:

thx for your answer. Just another little question. Can I install Solaris on a RaidZ2 zpool?

I have 5 Disks in my machine. Currently I have Solaris on the HDD0 and other 4 I use as RaidZ. But I also want to have some redundancy for my OS disk. So the idea was, I have one "large" RaidZ2 Pool, that contains the Data and the OS files.
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