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Imaging Dell Server

I currently have a web server which has a small partion for the C drive, the space available is only 1.5 Gb, I have looked at ways of reducing the drive but it's simply growing on a daily basis.  I have decided to buy a new Dell server and I want to image my existing web server with Acronis True Image and transfer this to the new box, is this quite easy to do?
Do you have to have the OS installed on the new machine or does the image copy over everything.  Also will the 12Gb C partion be copied over as I want this to be much bigger on the new server.

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1 Solution
It's likely that the Windows installation on the old server will not work on the new server if the hardware is different.

The way I would go is... Virtualization!

There as three free hypervisors avaiblabe right now:
ESXi, Hyper-V und XenServer Express

I don't know much about XenServer Express and the migration from a running machine to a virtual machine with Hyper-V is still in beta, so therefore I recommend to use VMware ESXi (http://vmware.com/products/esxi/). I use it on some servers and I'm very happy with it.

Install it on the new server and when it's running you can use "VMware vCenter Converter" (http://www.vmware.com/products/converter/) to convert your old server to a virtual machine on the new server directly. Before the conversion starts, you can also resize the harddisks so that you have more free space on your C-drive.

If you want to go this way and need more help, just leave a comment here.
Techno-Man-ukAuthor Commented:
would this solution  still work if i was to use the existng web server as something else and have a new one in its place.
not really sure how virtualization works?
Yes, you migrate the old servers operating system with all its functions to the new server. After the migration I would test if everything works as it should and I suggest to leave the old server powered off for two weeks or so.

If no problem occur after that time and noone complains that something don't work, you can use the other server for something else.
Techno-Man-ukAuthor Commented:
Hi Jblond,
Im really interested in going the VMware ESXi route now, I have bought a new Dell server which is perfect for Virtualization.
Could you provide me with some more info on how to set up my new server and migrate my old one.
Also Im a little confused about Virtualization.  I want my web server virtual and was thinking of making my BES server virtual too on the same server.
What will the performance be like if you have mulitple servers running on one and only one network card/cable going into the server, can you have multiple IP address on the one server?
Is there any limit on the amount of virtual servers you can have ? and are there any programs that will not be suitable for running virtual.


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