HP DL380 G5 with MSA60

hi we had a power failure and the logical drive 3 was showing \device\Harddisk2\DR2
so i powered down the server in the correct way then powered down the msa60. I then turned the msa60 back on and gave it a couple of minutes then powered server up. the os is on a sas array and is not on the msa60. the logical drive 3 which is the raid 6 adg is showing failed logica drive 3 all data maybe lost blah blah.

i right clicked on the array and clicked re enable failed disk
this worked but now its saying status 785 disk parity initialisation is queued or in progress. disks are blue but have gone to green then blue again. were now seeing the disk in disk management in windows server and its saying unallocated disk space and showing 2tb 2048gb and a 751gb unallocated

where is our data gone we had a ntfs partition and it's gone.

we once had a failed disk and the unit went down then but we got data back after it rebuild the array.
where is my data

help please experts

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would power off the MSA60 and power it on again. SAS is opposite to SCSI in that you can hot-add a SAS enclosure to a live system (eg. turn the enclosure on after the server) because the expander in the MSA boradcasts change and the P800 re-discovers the targets.

I'd be interested in the firmware version of the MSA, I had power-up problems with the original firmware not seeing enclosures.
wait till disk is rebuilt before powering of array and servers, power back on and should appear.
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