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batch script to check if anyone is logged in to terminal server and then reboot?

I have a .bat file with a simple "shutdown -r" that is run every night at 04:00.
However I wish to change the script so that it checks if anyone is logged in first.
If no users are logged in then continue with the reboot.
If 1 or more users are logged in then it should not reboot.
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Assuming this is exclusively for servers (not XP): you can look for active or disconnected sessions; if none exist, do the reboot.
As usual, try it on a test server first
Terminal Server Commands: QUERY

query session | findstr /i "Active Disc."
if errorlevel 1 shutdown -r

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bergsprekkenAuthor Commented:
It works, had to remove the "." in "Active Disc." though.

query session | findstr /i "Active Disc"
if errorlevel 1 echo Nobody logged in :o
if errorlevel 0 echo Dont reboot - people are working..
Sorry for the ".", had to take this out of the document above.
And you don't need the last line; "if errorlevel 0" is *always* true. "if errorlevel X" checks if the errorlevel is X *or* *higher*.
To check for no error, you'd need "if not errorlevel 1", or you can use if ... else, for example like this:

query session | findstr /i "Active Disc."
if errorlevel 1 (
  Rebooting in 1 minute, enter 'shutdown -a' to abort ...
  shutdown -r -t 60
) else (
  Don't reboot - people are working.

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