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I am developing web based flex application , which contains a menubar and few textinput controls.In the menu bar i have edit menu which includes cut,copy,paste,find,replace.The keyboard shortcut and context menu item for cut,copy,paste of the textinput are working fine.But i need to implement this funtionalties(cut,copy, paste,find,replace)in my custom menubar.How can i do this?.Please suggest me some good ideas and examples.


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lexxwernConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Assuming you want to Cut, Copy, Paste, Search and Replace contents of a RichTextEditor or TextArea control:

1. For Find and Replace functionalities you can use the search, replace methods and Regular Expressions available for Flex String objects.

a) For Cut, Copy & Paste in a RichTextEditor: you can access the selected text thru the selection property which is of type TextRange
b) For Cut, Copy & Paste in a TextArea: you can access the selected text thru selectionBeginIndex and selectionEndIndex properties
c) Once you have the selected text, it is just a matter of doing a combination of the following tasks: Storing the text in a variable, searching for the text, replacing the text, inserting the text inside the existing string.
flex_mduAuthor Commented:
can you giv some example code snippet
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