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Hi All,
We run a Dell shop in all our servers but  now some of the departmental heads are considering buying HP.  I bought  a used Proliant DL380 server to get a hang of it.  I need to know:
1. How to configure RAID Arrays etc ??
2. Is DL380 compatible with Windows 2003 srv and Ubuntu??
3. I need to be able to duo boot windows and Ubuntu servers?
4. Reading materials on the web for DL380 that can assist me.  Any thing special about Hp, known problems, configuration issues....with Windows and Linux?
timnjohnsonInformation Security EngineerAsked:
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vodka7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
When first building out the server: Press F8 at Smart Array POST... not F8 to Configure iLO (that pops up first).  After build, you can use the HP Array Config Utility; haven't checked, but I think it's java based (it launches a web browser), so it might work under linux, to manage arrays.
2. Yes
3. I'm not sure, but you could always run ESXi (it's free!) and have Windows and Ubuntu running simultaneously instead of having to reboot the box :)
4. Special?  Um, there are lots of special things about HP servers, I haven't used any Dell servers, but HP servers have an iLO port, which is essentially KVM over IP, so if your OS crashes, your iLO still can connect and you can perform a reboot, or if Remote Desktop isn't turned on, you can iLO into the console and login.  I haven't really run into any problems deploying Windows onto Proliant servers, in fact I deploy Windows servers with a single click with HP's Rapid Deployment Pack.
Your easiest way to install is using Smartstart Cd that comes with it (although RDP is quicker for lots of servers as Vodka says). You may be able to download it from HP's web - doesn't configure dual-boot though.
timnjohnsonInformation Security EngineerAuthor Commented:
very good.
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