How do I recover corrupt outlook pst file?


I recently installed memeo autobackup onto a  laptop running xp and office 2003. after a reboot the outlook pst became corrupted, outlook had a message saying pst couldnt be found or was in use by another program, I finally managed to point outlook to the pst file and it suggested running scanpst.exe on the corrupt file. unfortunately this only recovered emails from 2007 and the recovered file was only 1.2gb not just over 3gb which was the original pst size. Im aware this over the recommended 2gb pst file limit.

Not sure if this has anything to do with memeo but that is the last thing changed before the issue.

any ideas would be much appreciated

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Here's a tool that claims to do it:
Hello dserap,

As you said that you are using Outlook 2003 and the PST became corrupt. Here I would say that the 2GB file size limit for PST files have been increased to 20 GB, it was before Outlook 2003 versions that this error and problem was faced by users using the lower version.

Now as you have the PST file with you, you can recover the emails by using an PST email recovery program. Google it and you can find many. One such tool is Kernel for Outlook:

try out the free demo version of this software and it will let you know the recovery possibilities.

"Not sure if this has anything to do with memeo but that is the last thing changed before the issue."

It could be the case that installation has caused the corruption. The PST is corrupt now, try un-installing this and then try to use the PST.
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