Accpac CRM installation error

Hi all,

I am getting error "There was a problem running osql please check that the program location is in the system path" while installing sage accpac crm.

Version of Sage Accpac Erp : 5.5
Version of sage Accpac CRM: 6.1

Please Help.


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Craig YellickDatabase ArchitectCommented:
Now that you know the correct path it must be added to the system search paths so when AccPac tries to execute "OSQL.EXE" without a path specified, the operating system will search the system paths.

In the System Properties dialog on your server, on the Advanced tab, you will see a button named Environment Variables.  From there, find a setting named Path and you'll see a semicolon delimited list of file paths: add the SQL Binn path to the list.
Craig YellickDatabase ArchitectCommented:
OSQL.exe is a command line utility for submitting statements and scripts to SQL Server. Sounds like the path where OSQL.exe is installed is not part of the system path and the AccPac installer does not fully-qualify the path.

The usual location of OSQL.exe is in the ...\nn\Tools\Binn folder where SQL Server is installed, where nn is the version number, for example 80 or 90.
kavinagpurAuthor Commented:
OSQL.exe is in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn

Please help
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