Can a dns entry point at an ip and port?

as above   could i for example say that goes to port 1022

this would be external dns coming to individual server for remote access (2000 vm's)
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Sure, you could use 2000+ public IP addresses mapped to each VM but that is costly and not a very feasible approach.  Do you need direct access from the Internet?  How about a VPN to the internal network and connect from there to the VM's private IP?

Or, you can use 1 hostname/public IP address but use NAT to "port forward" the port to each internal VM IP.  In the remote access app, you would need to connect to the port however so if it was RDP:
No, it is up to the application to connect to the 1022 port.
mhamerAuthor Commented:
ok a rephrase
is it possible to have 2000+ web address  
if not dns is it liklley an ap or host heard could be of use?
any ideas welcome  each machine will run on a diffrent port.

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