KDE setup on FreeBSD 7.1

HElp! Does anyone have a step by step, how to start KDE 4.x on FreeBSD 7.1 after the initial install of the OS?
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Personally I don't use freebsd, but normally if KDE is already installed, and you boot up into the terminal, you start the GUI by entering startx.
1) Install kde using sysinstall (in x11/kde4-4.?.?) also x11/xorg is needed
2) configure Xorg - X -configure, and move new config file as /etc/X11/xorg.conf
3) Check if it runs - kdm --nodaemon
4) Set it to launch permannetly in /etc/ttytab (command line options like for xdm there)
kill -1 1 - refresh ttytab wo reboot.
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