ASP.Net /Windows Perfmon

Im trying to see perfmon responding to my input. I start an app by making a request (its all local, but I'm not using WebDev with visual studio, i'm using http://localhost/website/login.aspx).
In perfmon, I go to Add/Available Counters - I go to ASP.Net Appications, Forms Authentication Failures, I see my WebSite listed as an instance, I select it.
On the Graph Elements:
'Sample Every' I set to 1secs
'Duration' I set to 4 secs
'Maximum' I set to 10 (to get the right scale)
I then pump in wrong passwords to the login, but I don't see the graph move???

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Silas2Author Commented:
Hang on, I thin it might be something else, I've noticed the request is triggering an exception so maybe that's why i'm not getting a authentication failures
please provide code part you are using
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