Blackberry Enterprise Server / Windows Server 2003 Standard CAL's

I'm purchasing a Dell Server with WIndows Server 2003 Standard installed.  I'm going to install the Blackberry Enterprise server software on this server.  Do i need to puchase Windows Server CAL's for each blackberry user?
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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Hi, if the users accounts are already active on your domain and you just need to add them onto the BES then no additional Windows licenses are required (I can confirm this 100 percent).  The actual BlackBerry Service Account (i.e. BESadmin) will be considered as a windows users so you will need to use one windows and Exchange license for this account.
You do not need a Windows Server CAL for the Blackberry users.  You will only need to purchase additional Blackberry Enterprise User CAL's when you add users with Blackberrys.
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jnikodymAuthor Commented:
Didn't really get an answer from that link
You do not need any CAL's besides the Blackberry Server CAL's.  Since these devices are not physically joined to the domain or physically accessing the exchange database (it is being done through the BES) you do not need any Microsoft CALs.
Look at the post that shows FROM MICROSOFT
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