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Bandwidth requirement for Video Conference and Telephony

Can anyone how to calculate the bandwidth utilization for carrying the Video or Telephony over a WAN ?

How does the quality and resolution of a video relate to the bandwidth ?

2 Solutions
What codec are you using on the Telephony? G.711 is 80.8 Kbps per call and G.729 is 24.8 Kbps per call.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
No, I haven't fixed a telephony model. So, G.711 or G.729 is commonly used, correct ? Any observable difference between these two codec ?

How about the video conference size calculation over the bandwdith ?

We use G.711 on the systems that we host. I haven't a lot of experience working with G.729, we aren't limited by bandwidth, so we use 711. Our wireless product will be using the 729 codec, and it seems to work fine. As far as video conferencing goes, is it video conferncing through phones or is it another product? We have video conferencing through a polycom product, you can set what type of bandwidth you want to be used on the product itself.
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Anthony RussoCommented:
As a company that provides a hosted solution I have a list that I hope will help. Be aware of course that this is a hosted solution and is not going to be confused with the quality of a full in-house solution, but for desktop conferencing, this list gives a good guide of what is considered acceptable for most client situations at different resolutions.

Our service comes in 4 set resolutions as referenced in this list, and quality is of course better on the higher resolutions, but speed is better on the lower.

I hope this helps.

AXISHKAuthor Commented:
For Video conference, we probably use ViewStation SP 128, and for Telephony, we probably use Soundwin S200. The voice code support G.711, G.729 and G.723. The saleman told me that within 30K could support a single call session, rather than 80K / 24.8K.

New VPN pipeline between these two office is 512K. So, how would they consume my pipeline ?


The normal overhead on videoconferencing is 25% over the speed the call is dialed at. Most of the higher end videoconferencing (Polycom or Tandberg) systems require a call at 384k to achieve 30fps. lower speeds will achieve 15fps.

Hope this helps

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