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I have a Cisco ASA 5505, i am trying to configure a site to site vpn through the wizard to our production site.

The problem i have is that i need to connect to multiple encrypted domains behind the same single peer ip, for example i need to configure access to 83.x.x.96, 83.x.x.112, 83.x.x.128 as the encryped domains and the peer ip is 83.x.x.48. I have set 1 tunnel up fine and all works but as soon as i try to add another s2s with the same peer ip it won't let me as it's already in use

I'm not very experienced with these devices and have configured the Site to Site through the ADSM tool

Thanks in Advance

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You don't need to create a new tunnel, you simply need to add the additional network addresses to the list of protected networks.

Look under Site-to-Site VPN, Advanded, Crypto Maps. For ASDM 6.1.
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