MS Access "On Print" Event: Where can I find i This?

Dear Experts:


I would like to locate "On Print"  event on MS Report Report.

But I cannot find it.


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Do you mean how to get to it?

1. open up your report in design view
2. if you dont see the properties window, click on View/Properties
3. In the properties window, the top has a dropdown, default is probably Report. Change it to Detail (one part that can handle on print events)
4. Within the list of tabs (Format, Data, Event, Other, All), click on the Events tab
5. You should now see the On Print event. To build an update, click on the button with ... on the right hand side. To add vba, ensure you select code builder
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
that event is available for the report sections
report header
page header
report footer etc.,

of the report
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