Replacement of LCD

I have this Asus PC900 mini notebook 8.9 "
The LCD was cracked , got the LCD replaced and after that the display keeps flickering from a bright display to no display.
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Send it back again as the first repair wasn't adequate.
Jeff BrownGlobal Helpdesk SupervisorCommented:
this is probably a weak connection in a cable
or a failure of the inverter board that is powering the lcd.
the inverter is usually the board in the bezel or frame of the lcd display and typically has 2 or maybe 3 wires that lead to the lcd.  it provides power to the backlighting system.

If the flickering can be controlled with movement of the device or lcd panel then i would suspect loose cable.   if not its likely the inverter board.

dollaratpizzaAuthor Commented:
There are no inverter attached to the LCD . The mini don't come with inverterters. A LCD cable reuns from the screen to the motherboard.
When I start the machine its like a dark screen . But when I hold the LCD firmly from the back the screen becomes normal and when I leave the lcd its becomes dark again.

Jeff BrownGlobal Helpdesk SupervisorCommented:
if holding the screen solves the issue there is a loose connection.
but johnny is correct send it back as they botched the job to begin with.

there is still an inverter it just isn't seperate which makes it part of the board and would require you send it back for that as well.

most likely there is a hairline crack somewhere in the cable

Most likely it's a weak bulb.  Just like a florescent bulb, they can be defective or very easily damaged when brand new.  Bulbs in laptops are very fragile, and in general a pain to change.  You paid for a replacement - you deserve one.  Bring it back and ask them to deal with it ;)
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