Exchange 2003 OWA login domain problem

Until yesterday, when a user opened the OWA website and logged in, it was sufficient to enter the username and password. Now the system is requiring domain\username. If the "domain" is not specified, it places the dns web address of the server ("") in the domain position, i.e. "\username", which of course fails to authenticate. Now everyone is calling saying they can't log in, because the cached login name fails.

I have made no changes to this system.
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kdagliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open IIS Manager,  expand default web site, expand exchange virtual directory,  right click and go to properties, click on Directory security tab, click on the first Edit button, make sure only basic authentication is selected and disable rest of the authentication. Uncheck "Enable Anonymous access" also. In the Default Domain put a back slash "\" (back slash without quotes). Click OK all the way through.
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RaghuvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open IIS Manager -> Drill down to Exchange virtual directory -> Right click and choose properties -> Click on Directory security tab -> Click on the first Edit button -> Ensure only basic authentication is selected and disable rest of the authentication.

Also on the same page click on the Select button next to default domain name and choose your domain from the list.
HilltownHealthCenterAuthor Commented:
The current settings as they are now. I haven't made any changes.

Did you do a right click on the Default Website or Exchange ?

If it's Exchange, then remove "Enable Anonymous" and then enable basic authentication
HilltownHealthCenterAuthor Commented:
I followed kdagli's instructions, including the link provided, which corrected the problem, but I wonder if there was a way to do this without sending the PW in clear text over the internet?
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