How to copy a Cisco Catalyst Switch Configuration?

I have four Cisco Catalyst 3550 Switches. I have one of the configured and working. I would like to copy the configuration from the one that is working, and "paste" it to the other three. The only thing I need to change is the TCP/IP address. All four switches will be part one the same LAN, connected via fiber optic cable, using GBICs, on the same VLAN. Step by step directions for the "copy and paste" would be perfect. I would also need to know how to change the TCP/IP address, after "pasting" the configuration to each of the other three switches.
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1. you connect to the switch via telnet, using putty application with buffer set to some 2000 lines.
2. you issue 'show running-config'
3. you select output using your mouse and then copy selection to clipboard.
4. then you open notepad and paste there clipboard contents.
5. then you edit necessary settings in notepad (ip addresses, dns names, etc.)
6. now you select all text in notepad and also copy it to clipboard
7. now you open another telnet session to a different switch
8. issue 'configure terminal'
9. paste contents from clipboard
10. wait for commands being executed, issue exit and then 'copy running-config startup-config' and reboot your switch
you can try to use ftp or tftp server to upload configuration, however, it is rather handy to use just show running-config feature from cli (with enough buffer set for telnet/ssh window) and literaly copy-paste config from one window, to notepad, where you will edit it and then to a second switch where you just paste that config from "configure terminal" mode.
B_J_RUSSELLAuthor Commented:
Don't have FTP or TFTP server. I can display running config but, not sure how to complete your instructions. Would you please list a "step by step" explaination?
B_J_RUSSELLAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for your help. Your answer was exactly what I needed and extremely easy to follow.
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