Crystal report 11 prompt me twice for the dynamic parameter for oracle store proc, why?

Hi All... Please help me with this. very urgent.

We bought crystal report 11 just 10 days ago. I am using oracle store proc as data source for report. I have 5 parameter in store proc. I converted those parameter in dynamic parameter in crystal 11.

Now whenever I am refreshing the report, It is prompting me twice for the parameter.
first time is just static parameter when I say OK to that prompt it is prompting me again with the dynamic parameter list. I want suppress the first prompt.
Pleas help me with this issue.

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You cannot use the dynamic parameter if the d/b object is stored procedure. Convert the stored procedure into database view by removing all the parameters and filter in the stored procedure. Then create the parameters on the crystal side and use record selection formula to filter the records based on the parameter..

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