Changing Array function to D function in Excel 2003

I'm trying to change array function to D function in Excel 2003 for our inventory.
As you can see in the attached file, sums of 4 arrays create inventory.

Array seems to be running very slow when there are a lot of items to be calculated.
And I got more than 1000 lines to be calculated.

It takes more than 1 minute to do the calculation everytime I add a line.

As far as I know =dsum runs much faster than =sum of arrays.
Not sure it's possible in this case though.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Rory ArchibaldCommented:
I don't think a D function would work for you because you would need a separate criteria range for each function. You could use a pivot table to summarise your data, or you could add an index column to the data and then use a SUMIF formula. I've shown both in the attached workbook. Note that the pivot table can be smartened up a lot - that was just to show the idea! (you can also use the pivot table as a data source and use GETPIVOTDATA functions to extract the data you need directly from that.

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