EndPoint Protection 11 Client installation on Citrix Presentation Server 4.5

Hi, I'm fairly new to Citrix, and I would appreciate any help here.

We currently have Citrix Presentation Server 4.5.  It currently has Norton Corporate edition 10.x installed.  We've upgraded our AV server to Symantec EndPoint Protection 11.0.4.  And I now need to install the client on our Citrix server to protect our Citrix connected sessions.  Do I need to put the system in to install mode?  If so what's the procedure for that?  Drop to command line and type in:

change logon /disable
change user /install
install the new Symantec Client
change user /execute
change logon /enmable

And can I simply deploy the EndPoint client from the SEP server as I would any other server?  Or should I manually install the package from the Citrix server console?

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

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Manually install the package or push it from the server and make sure you take off the Proactive Threat Detection, the firewall, and the IDS feature; I only run realtime and scheduled scanning.  I don't trust the fancier stuff, been burned by it in the past.  
Make sure you have MR4 or whatever the latest build is to avoid the SavGui.exe issue that can hang up sessions when they log off.  I think 11.0.4 is the same as MR4 though.  
TPBPITAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your quick response.  I really appreciate it.  Do I need to put the Citrix server in install mode prior to pushing the client then?
Oh, sorry, I forgot that part, yes, it is always a good idea to do this on a terminal server.  
...but spell enable right "change logon /enmable"
And you definitely want to prevent the tray application from starting on user logon; 6MB of uselessly spent memory per user, and it prevents the proper closing of published applications sessions when the user closes his last application.
Check here for details:
Terminal Server resources are consumed by multiple instances of Symantec Endpoint Protection processes
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